List of potency preparations 2023 - effective supplements for erection

Supplements for sexual performance - Ranking 2023

# 1
Produkt 1

Eron Plus

Eron Plus is very popular on the market - it is also used by men from outside our country Why is it so? This is primarily influenced by its effectiveness, which is confirmed by research and the opinions of men who have used Eron Plus in the past.

The product comes in two packages. Eron Plus, which removes the immediate cause of erection problems. In contrast, Eron Plus Before causes a much stronger erection half an hour before sexual intercourse.

It should be noted that this is a preparation perfectly tested and safe after it has no side effects or other undesirable effects. Consumer reviews confirm the results of the research - the formula, created on the basis of two extremely strong erection enhancing ingredients, works properly!

This preparation works immediately and, most importantly, for a long time, positively affecting the quality of sexual life. It is currently one of the most frequently recommended potency enhancers in men. It can be purchased without a prescription (only on the manufacturer's website).

Attention! A special offer has been prepared by the manufacturer. When ordering 3 packages, we will get another 3 for free.

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# 2
Produkt 2

Member XXL

Member XXL is undoubtedly one of the best products that can be purchased without a prescription. The manufacturer ensures that it works on many ways. First of all, lengthens and strengthens the erection, additionally increases sexual desire and endurance during intercourse. It should be emphasized that this preparation is also responsible for strengthening orgasms and increasing blood circulation in the penis. The manufacturer also provides the option of increasing the size of the member, if the client uses the preparation regularly and in accordance with the recommendations.

Thanks to the use of this supplement, male libido also improves, which often decreases with age. The composition of this preparation includes, among others, saw palmetto berry, hawthorn berry, ginkgo biloba leaf and ginseng.

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# 3
Produkt 3


Penilarge is a dietary supplement consisting of a mixture of herbs, extracts from valued plants and vitamins. Penilarge is a dietary supplement that includes herbs, plant extracts and vitamins. The composition of this preparation includes cayenne pepper, oat straw essence, ginseng and hawthorn extract.

From the information provided on the website of the Penilarge manufacturer, you can learn that it improves the functioning of the member and has a positive effect on its endurance. In this way, the penis achieves a longer erection, and orgasms can be much more intense than before using this supplement.

In addition, the manufacturer also ensures that libido will increase, and it will be easier to control ejaculation. Such problems affect men of all ages. After a few weeks of using this preparation, men feel a much greater desire for sexual experiences. Regular use of this supplement will have a positive effect on the functioning of the penis and extend the time of its erasure. This preparation can be purchased without a prescription.

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Contrary to appearances, problems with potency concern a large part of Poles. However, this topic is often overlooked, mainly due to the shame felt by the sick person. Meanwhile, the issue of improving potency can be quite simple. The first thing to do is improve your daily habits, but over-the-counter potency medications are also a good booster in this regard.

How can I help myself?

Potential problems not only adversely affect the sexual life of a man and his partner, but also make most men feel psychological discomfort at the thought of sex. This is a completely natural response - whether or not the partner is supportive, the man simply feels that he is not meeting her needs.

To help improve the quality of intercourse and regain a full erection, it is worth reaching for natural potency pills, but also supporting them with a number of changes in the everyday life of a man. The necessary changes in this regard include, among others, improving the diet and increasing the level of physical activity. If a man takes any stimulants, he should definitely give them up: such drugs have a negative effect on the human body, including potency.

When it comes to the diet, it is simply supposed to be healthy, and at the same time rich in substances with antioxidant properties. One such type of food is, inter alia, cranberry, which can be added to, for example, porridge. In addition, it is worth focusing on greater physical activity, which has a positive effect on the blood supply to individual organs and can also support an erection.

The level of perceived stress is also important for potency. While it is sometimes easier said than done, try reducing your agitation (for example, household chores or personal issues) and relaxing - while playing sports or watching a movie. If the problems with potency are intensified, and the man also experiences discomfort on other levels, it is worth considering a change in work or general lifestyle. Long-term stress negatively affects not only the potency, but also the condition of the body in general. It can lead to a range of health problems and even a heart attack. Therefore, it is worth taking care of yourself and not stressing too much - thanks to this, it is possible to improve your health and potency.

How do erection pills work?

A measure supporting the above-mentioned actions, which is definitely worth using, are various types of herbal potency pills. Their operation is quite simple and consists in increasing libido, as well as increasing the level of blood supply both in the intimate area and in the entire body.

This is very important, because proper blood supply to the penis (and the entire body) is crucial if you want to maintain a proper erection. Along with the abnormal health habits indicated above, as well as various types of problems in the state of the body, the blood supply to the penis decreases.

The changes in the body do not immediately lead to an erection failure. In the initial phase of this state, there is only a deterioration of erection, problems with maintaining a full erection for a long time, and a falling desire for intercourse. If a man notices these kinds of changes in himself, he should not ignore them.

Quick action can prevent the occurrence of complete difficulties in maintaining an erection and, consequently, help maintain optimal health and quality of sex life.

When is it worth taking potency medications?

It is worth starting the treatment of erection problems immediately after noticing the first symptoms. A man should not ignore the first signals his body sends out, such as trouble maintaining an erection throughout the duration of intercourse. If there is also a significant reduction in the desire for intercourse (which has nothing to do with, for example, a very intense period in life and an increased level of fatigue) - this is another signal sent by the body.

In such a situation, it is worth immediately implementing measures that will help avoid potency problems. If a man implements erection pills into his daily routine, as well as increases the level of physical activity and limits the use of stimulants - the problems have a good chance to reverse very quickly. Therefore, it is worth listening to your body and reacting to any disturbing signals.

Where can you buy erection pills?

Erection aids are usually sold by the manufacturer or distributor in a given country. They are rarely found in pharmacies and other points of sale. The main part of sales, however, is carried out via Internet channels, via the manufacturer's website.

Does the purchase of potency pills require a prescription?

This is an issue that often puzzles men. It is certainly partly due to a feeling of shame and reluctance to admit this type of difficulty even to a doctor, but the reasons may also be different. Regardless of the reason for the above question, there is one answer: drugs for potency do not require a prescription.

These types of drugs do not contain any substances that would require a doctor to prescribe them, so they are sold on a regular basis. This significantly facilitates access to preparations, but also speeds up the process in general.

Are these types of measures safe?

We are in a hurry to reassure you: all over-the-counter potency medications in our ranking are completely safe. The list includes only products from reputable manufacturers, which means that you can be sure that every man will remain fully healthy after using the products.

In most cases, we are dealing with natural substances that simply lead to an increase in blood pressure in the cavernous bodies of the penis. The improvement of the blood supply leads to the elimination of problems with potency and thus also has a positive effect on the psyche of a man. Thanks to this, he feels more masculine and is more willing to have sex.

What do erection pills contain?

Each product is characterized by a slightly different composition, so before buying it is worth visiting the manufacturer's website and checking what exactly is in the given tablets. In most cases, these are high-quality, natural extracts that allow you to quickly and conveniently improve the quality of erection.

Contraindications to the use of tablets

Despite the fact that all products in our ranking are natural and completely safe, as well as made of high-quality ingredients - even in this case, there are contraindications to their use. Among these types of issues, one can point out, among others, hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the preparation. If a man knows that he is allergic to any substances - he should carefully study the composition of the preparation he wants to take - to make sure that this ingredient is simply not in it.

Another issue that excludes the use of most potency remedies are problems with hypertension. As potency pills increase blood pressure - their use by men with this type of trouble may have very serious consequences and the use of this type of preparation should be absolutely avoided. Instead, the above-mentioned changes should be implemented to an even greater extent. This means that in order to restore an erection, you must completely change your lifestyle.

The last contraindication to the use of over-the-counter potency drugs may (but does not have to) be taking various types of pharmacological agents on a permanent basis. If a man is being treated for a chronic disease, the initiation of potency pills should be preceded by a medical consultation. The full composition of the preparation, selected from our ranking, should be presented to the attending doctor and on this basis the decision on the use of the agent should be made.

Is potency just physiology?

Of course not. If it turns out that, despite the change in lifestyle and taking potency preparations, problems with erection do not disappear - it is worth consulting a good doctor, for example a sexologist. It may turn out that the problem is much deeper or concerns other spheres than initially assumed.

It is also worth talking to your partner. If a man hopes that his wife or life partner will not notice erection problems - he is probably wrong. Ladies are sensitive to many issues and notice even what seems imperceptible to others. Perhaps an honest conversation with your partner will also improve your potency. It is worth trying to tell about your troubles. The warmth and understanding that a woman is likely to surround a man with before the next attempt at intercourse will facilitate many issues and make intercourse more pleasant.

One cannot forget about the indirect influence of potency pills on the psychological sphere. A man who feels sexual attraction again and is able to have sex with a partner feels much more confident. Many men who suffer from potency problems believe that they have failed - which leads to worsening of their mental state, and often even to depression. Therefore, in addition to making the above changes, it is also so important to talk to the other party.

How long does therapy last?

Everything is determined by the producers of each product, so it is worth checking what the producers of interesting preparations from our ranking write about it. One thing is certain: the earlier the therapy is started, the sooner it will start to work. Getting out of severe erection problems will certainly take a lot longer than dealing with slight erection difficulties.

If only for this reason, the signals sent by the body should not be ignored. If a man notices the first difficulties during intercourse or a reduced desire for sex - he should implement actions immediately - including starting taking one of the preparations from our ranking.

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eron plus

I approached all preparations of this type with a great distance. I chose Eron Plus out of curiosity and it turned out to be a brilliant idea. My wife has never been so pleased with my actions in bed. In addition, there were no side effects and my penis is ready for more close-ups in no time. The power of my orgasms has also increased.


member xxl

I have dealt with many erection enhancers. So far, they have not brought me too many results. Eventually, however, I found the supplements perfect for me. Eron Plus does not cause any side effects, and my penis is ready for action almost a moment after taking it. I have stronger orgasms now.